At the moment we are taking deposits for bodies being pressed in early January for availability Febuary / March 2013.

Steel Five Window Coupe and Roadsters

Steel Five Window Coupe & Roadster Bodies

At last there is a more affordable way to drive an all steel bodied 1932 Ford Five window Coupe or Roadster.

Hot Rod Technologies are proud to be the UK distributors of these fabulous reproduction steel 1932 Ford Five Window Coupe & Roadster bodies.

Produced in Sweden using the finest cold rolled low carbon DC04 grade steel, an original 1932 vehicle was computer scanned, stamping dies were then produced for each of the components, there are thirty five separate pieces for the five window coupe.

Available in two ways, either as a complete shell already jig assembled & welded, or in sections for assembly in your home or workshop, although it’s not a task for the faint hearted.

Not included in the body kits are the fenders, running boards, floor, grill or hood, although these are available separately. You don’t have to buy the complete kit, we also sell the panels separately.

A Pillar Cowl Deck Lid Inner Deck Lid Outer Door Panel Outer Door Structure Inner Drip Rails Firewall Firewall Band Firewall Feet Inner Structure Inner Panel Above Windsheild Up Panel Above Door Panel Above Deck Lid Panel Above Windshield Panel Below Deck Quarter Panel Front Quarter Panel Rear Rain Gutters Rear Window Sheetmetal Rocker Panel Slide Window Sheetmetal

Chip Foose with the Swedish team