1953 Ford F100 Pickup

1953 Ford F100 Pickup

This 1953 Ford F100 is presently being transformed into one of the most advanced Pickup trucks there is.
At first glance all seems normal, however lurking beneath the arrow straight body is an all Aluminium chassis, this gives a massive 40% weight saving over the original tired steel item. The question everyone asks is ‘ won’t it be weaker?’ absolutely not, 6mm thick boxed channel using the most modern materials with an ‘X’ member and cross members make it many times more stronger than the original ever was.

We didn’t stop there, the entire rear pickup bed is made of Aluminium, as is the 68 litre fully baffled fuel tank we fabricated to snugly fit the rear of the chassis. The engine bay has not been over looked either, we fabricated new Aluminium inner flitches to streamline the engine bay & give it a completely smooth appearance. 

Heidt’s coil over shocks & disc brakes handle things at the front, while a Ford Posi-traction rear end with disc brakes and internal drum hand brakes look after the rear, this is supported by our own four bar system & Heidts coil over shocks while at each corner Schott Wheels will be shoe horned under the arches.

The cab and remaining body panels were sand blasted, we leaded the factory roof seam to give an uninterrupted top line. Being an ‘A’ grade paint & body shop we will lovingly apply the final colour and seal it with numerous coats of clear laquer.

Our intentions are simple, we want the cars we build to look amazing and perform & handle like a modern supercar, with this in mind a fuel injected 302 cubic inch V8 small block Ford mated to a C6 automatic transmission will make this light weight truck do all of the above and more.

Keep looking for regular updates on this incredible truck’s progress.

This vehicle is for sale, please contact us for more information.