1931 Model A Pickup

1931 Model A Pickup

This model A is like no other, we have massaged the cab and chassis to give a much more useable & pleasurable driving experience. Once again the changes are subtle, looking like it was meant to be like this.

We cut the cab in half just behind the door area, we then added 11” to the cab by creating another window. This was managed by cutting up an old pair of doors we located in Nebraska to get the correct top moldings, we then set about forming & leading the panels & curves of the cab.

Look at the roof, its now a solid piece of metal, however its not flat like most you see, it has the correct curvature front to rear & side to side achieved by hours of work on an English wheel…Ford never did that. A 32 dash, grill & insert finish off  the front.  

The new boxed chassis rails were stretched 11” to accommodate the larger cab, out front there is a Pete & Jake’s front axle with chrome hairpins & dummy Buick finned brake covers hiding modern Wilwood discs & callipers.
We have transverse mounted all the brake servo system under the front scuttle panel, we then custom made the entire pedal system to operate it.

The steering is another Hot Rod Technologies first, because we have converted this truck to right hand drive the position of the bottom of the steering box meant the bottom of the column came through the floor to be met by the back of the engine, we designed and made a 1to 1 gear driven offset box which moves the shaft output at the bottom of the column three inches, It’s another of those things you just wouldn’t notice.

The truck is powered by a supercharged 276 flathead with twin Strombergs, our friends at Royal Kustoms did their magic on the engine. A new Walker radiator takes care of the cooling. All this power goes through a 510 five speed Gearbox to a Mustang 8” rear axle with coil over shocks, Panhard arm, roll bar & ladder bars. We custom made the cross member to give extra space for the axle to move properly.

A new rear bed sits nicely on top of it all. A custom made Hot Rod Technologies alloy fuel tank sits between the rails, along with our own Stainless Steel exhaust system.

It rides on 5 x 15 Vintique Wheels out front & 8 x 15’s on the rear. This is an on going project so keep watching for regular updates.


front wheel

back window